See Level Marine Heaters

The original “Bus Heater” for marine use.

Heating systems for commercial fishing vessels, pleasure boats and specialized vehicles.

For over twenty-five years, See Level bus heaters have kept hard working mariners warm.

Today, our 60,000 BTU/HR heaters are found on commercial fishing vessels, passenger vessels, water taxis and even utility crew vehicles (trucks) throughout the United States, including Alaska.

The efficient See Level heater recovers waste heat produced by engine coolant, which is circulated through a special heater core. Each heater is equipped with two fans powered by separate individual two-speed DC motors which provide a constant and reliable air flow through the heater core. See Level heaters are available for 12 volt and 24 volt applications.

New Style 12 & 24 Volt, Three Speed 60,000 BTU Heaters

Size: Length: 21.25″, Width: 9″, Height: 10.5″

Case: Black painted steel case.

Motors: Two external mounted, three speed, sealed motor and fan units.

Switch: Four position (off, low, medium and high) switch included.

Price: 12 Volt: $499, 24 Volt: $599.

Click here for New Style Installation Instructions (PDF)

Original Style Two Speed 60,000 BTU, 24 Volt Heater

Size: Length: 21.25″, Width: 9.5″, Height: 9″

Case: Black painted steel case.

Motors: Two internal mounted two speed motors with metal fans.

Switch: Requires a customer supplied three position (off, low and high) switch.

Note: Original Style heaters are no longer available.

Click here for Original Style Installation Instructions (PDF)

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