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The Trap can’t rust, won’t rot, resists marine growth, and is not subject to electrolysis. 


“Most Effective Shellfish Trap Produced”

Since our establishment in 1978, we have sold over 500,000 traps to the fishing industry. The Fathoms Plus Trap has been used under all conditions and in almost every  underwater geographical area in the world. With our patented, proprietary formula, our traps can withstand fluctuations in temperature from the heat of a boat deck in the Gulf of Oman to the sea floor in the Aleution Islands in Alaska.  The Fathoms Plus Trap has been rated the

Traps Stack Easily

 The Fathoms Plus Trap is the only trap which opens up quickly into two identical halves for easy stacking. No need to remove the  weights. No disassembling. To stack the shellfish traps, one half fits completely inside another. This self-securing system is especially convenient when underway.  

Plastic Makes Perfect

 High density, high impact polyethylene construction makes The Trap almost maintenance free. With these shellfish traps there is no nailing, scraping or dipping required. The Trap can’t rust, won’t rot, resists marine growth, and is not subject to electrolysis. It is the perfect trap for rough weather and is guaranteed to withstand the stress and strain of many highly productive seasons.



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