Boat of the Month February 2018: Jacob and Joshua

Alex Todd’s steadfast 42-foot Jacob and Joshua occasionally gets called to work in unusual situations. “Just a couple days ago,” laughs Todd, “my brother borrowed the boat to transport some goats to the island.” But more often than not, the Jacob and Joshua — based out of Chebeague Island, Maine — hauls lobster, scallops, groundfish, menhaden and tuna (and only occasionally livestock).

Todd, 48, is a 10th-generation fisherman. In years past, Todd might have been preparing for the winter northern shrimp season but Maine’s shrimp fishery is shuttered for the fifth consecutive year. So when lobster season wraps up, Todd will shift over to dragging for scallops, as he has for more than three decades.

Todd describes the Jacob and Joshua as “slow, versatile, and a tank” but the workhorse has been getting the job done since he bought the hull and topside in the 2005 from H&H Marine in Steuben. Todd finished Jacob and Joshua over two winters and invested about $180,000 before launching it in the summer of 2007.

“The past couple of springs, I’ve fished out of Gloucester, Mass., where another fishermen asked me, ‘Why is that thing so slow?’”

Todd says his boat is weightier than other boats its size because, “it’s got half the horsepower due to permit regulations.”

Even though he is limited to 400 hp, Todd is satisfied and plans to fish Jacob and Joshua until he retires. “To be honest, I owned, fished and rigged my first two boats long enough so that when I finished this one, I made it exactly how I wanted it.”

He says the only thing he would change if he could is Jacob and Joshua’s weight. Another fisherman told him recently “from a distance, Jacob and Joshua looks like an army tank coming at you!”

While Jacob and Joshua is comfortable, Todd says “I think I’d find a way to live without the comforts.” But appreciation for modern navigation technology runs deep. “Looking back a few generations when there were no electronics, no communication radios, and not nearly as much heating in the winter… it’s surely much more comfortable these days!”

Every boat has stories, and the Jacob and Joshua is no exception. “With the cutout transom,” says Todd, “I’ve lost the dog off the back couple times.” And he is often asked to haul more than just fish on it. “Given the rigging,” he laughs, “I get called in to move many things [like]moorings and sunken boats.”

Home port: Chebeague Island, Maine

Owner: Alex Todd

Builder: H&H Marine

Year built: 2005

Fisheries: Lobster, scallop, shrimp, groundfish, menhaden, tuna

Hull material: Fiberglass

Length: 42 feet

Beam: 17 feet 4 inches

Draft: 5 feet

Tonnage: 25 tons

Crew capacity: 5

Main propulsion: Cummins QSL9 400-hp

Gearbox: Twindisc 5085 3:1

Propeller: 36″ x 36″ four-blade

Speed: 14 knots maximum

Fuel consumption: 7 gph at 1,500 rpm; 21 gph at 2,100 rpm

Fuel capacity: 800 gallons

Hold capacity: 20,000 pounds of fish, 3,000 pounds of lobster in tanks

Electronics: Furuno color radar, Furuno 292 sounder, Furuno GPS, Simrad autopilot, Windplot plotter

About the author

Caroline Losneck is an independent radio producer, filmmaker and documentarian living in Portland, Maine.

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