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National Fisherman – February 2015

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Wading in

By Jessica Hathaway

You just can’t delve into the subjects of fishing and boatbuilding on Chesapeake Bay without leaning pretty heavily on the region’s centuries of history — not even if your topic is the youngest generation of watermen who are taking up the historic art of crabbing.


What’s new with blues?

Pulling pots with the next generation of Chesapeake Bay watermen

By Jay Fleming

In recent years the increased value in real estate around Annapolis, Md., has greatly diminished the city’s working waterfronts and replaced workboats with pleasure yachts. A small wharf home to a few workboats nestled in between million-dollar properties is one of a few working waterfronts left in town.


00 ATYicon NorthEastShop kicks off boat boom with first 41;
builder reopens, finishes Osmond 40


By Michael Crowley

Like other boatbuilders, Holland’s Boat Shop in Belfast, Maine, has had periods of intense activity and dry spells. “Three to four years ago, we didn’t have squat to do,” says the boatshop’s Glenn Holland. “Now I’m up to my neck in [boats]. I like it this way. Much better than the other way.”


Shrimp fleet on a roll with big landings,

higher prices and major bycatch victory

Pacific Shrimp

By Charlie Ess

Increased harvest volumes, higher ex-vessel prices and a major development in reducing bycatch of eulachon (aka candlefish) will mark 2014 as another pinnacle year in the West Coast shrimp fishery’s history.


Face flooding head on

One September morning, the skipper of a 65-foot steel scallop trawler off the New Jersey coast was preparing to position the boat so the crew could set the gear. When he eased the throttle, the vessel didn’t move. A crewman reported that the shaft was turning over. However, the tail shaft, which ran through the center of the fish hold, wasn’t turning.


National Fisherman Live

National Fisherman Live: 1/27/15

In this episode:

Assessment: Atlantic menhaden is not overfished
Bering Sea pollock fishery casts off
Dock to Dish opens Florida’s first CSF
Second wave of disaster funds for Alaska
Fisherman lands N.C.’s largest bluefin ever

Inside the Industry

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is still seeking public review and comment on the Alaska Responsible Fisheries Management Conformance Criteria (Version 1.2, September 2011). The public review and comment period, which opened on Dec. 3, 2014, runs through Monday, Feb. 3.


NOAA, in consultation with the Department of the Interior, has appointed 10 new members to the Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee. The 20-member committee is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experience who advise the departments of commerce and the interior on ways to strengthen and connect the nation's MPA programs. The new members join the 10 continuing members appointed in 2012.


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