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National Fisherman - December 2014

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In return

By Jessica Hathaway

As I ease back into my editor’s chair here, many of you are gearing up for the fall and winter seasons, as well as the nation’s biggest commercial fishing trade show, Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle.


Freeze frame

Fisherman and photographer Corey Arnold
explores the winter bounty of the Bering Sea

By Corey Arnold

Like a land halibut who’s spotted its prey, I flopped onto my stomach and scooted, cautiously, along the icy North Pacific fuel dock with camera plastered against my face. The mighty Dutch Harbor bald eagle was perched on a cleat before me. Her dirty face tore viciously at a pollock carcass, no doubt stolen from a nearby trawl.


00 ATYicon NorthEastMaine lobsterman builds a monster;
N.J. gillnetter goes Down East for boat

By Michael Crowley

I have the only one,” declares Veril “Suki” Pinkham Jr. He’s talking about his 42-foot lobster boat Sea Monster out of Beals, Maine. And he’s not just talking about the orange hull, though that’s unusual.


ALASKA & PACIFIC Dungeness Crab

Landings less robust, but high demand
sends ex-vessel price to record levels

By Charlie Ess

While the West Coast Dungeness crab fleet’s 2013-14 season landings might not have been gangbusters, ex-vessel prices rose to stellar proportions, driving revenues to record levels.

“We’ve seen prices like we’ve never seen before,” says Dan Ayres, coastal shellfish lead biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, in Montesano. “For a while, we saw seven bucks a pound.”


Know, know, know your boat

CoastGuardEmblem small rgb 75ptsFrom U.S.
Coast Guard

In a small harbor on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the owner of a 67-foot wooden-hulled shrimp trawler had decided to sell the boat. He hired a local fishing vessel skipper and crewman to take the trawler 100 miles north, to a shipyard that would prepare the boat for sale.  

Around mid-morning on the February day the vessel was departing, the owner and his mechanic met with the veteran skipper and crewman. The mechanic told the skipper he had run the engines and generator, checked the fuel/oil levels and checked the packing gland. He assured the skipper he hadn’t noted any major problems.  


National Fisherman Live

National Fisherman Live: 11/06/14

In this episode:

NOAA report touts 2013 landings, value increases
Panama fines GM salmon company Aquabounty
Gulf council passes Reef Fish Amendment 40
Maine elver quota cut by 2,000 pounds
Offshore mussel farm would be East Coast’s first


Inside the Industry

Fishermen in Western Australia captured astonishing footage this week as a five-meter-long great white shark tried to steal their catch, ramming into the side of their boat.
EAST SAND ISLAND, Oregon—Alexa Piggott is crawling through a dark, dusty, narrow tunnel on this 62-acre island at the mouth of the Columbia River. On the ground above her head sit thousands of seabirds. Piggott, a crew leader with Bird Research Northwest, is headed for an observation blind from which she'll be able to count them.
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