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Matt MarinkovichMatt Marinkovich’s weekly At Sea Diary entry is a popular feature of the National Fisherman Web site, and now you can post your own reflections on Matt’s experiences fishing in the Pacific Northwest and North Pacific.

March 27-28, 2006 — With the bulk of our Southeast quota on the dock at the Seafood Producers Cooperative plant in Sitka, we wasted no time in turning around for another trip, as the nice weather continued with no end in sight. We were headed back out by noon on Monday, March 27, and seven hours later we were setting our blackcod gear, three strings of 25 skates each.


March 20-29, 2006 — We reached Sitka in the early hours of Monday, March 20. We had all the halibut gear baited, and we were working on the blackcod gear when Mike met up with us. We worked at a leisurely pace, and by Tuesday afternoon we had taken ice and bait and finished up baiting. We left around 2 p.m. for the anchorage in Salisbury Sound, just inside the fishing grounds.


March 15, 2006 — The plan was to be so prepared to leave for longlining this year, so I could enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner out at Downriggers, our favorite restaurant in Friday Harbor. That whole plan deteriorated from my perspective, since my wife, Maureen, kept stacking up projects for me to do around the yard before I left. But all in all it turned out alright, because I did manage to get everything all packed up and ready to go in the wee hours the night before I left, and she was happy that I addressed her wish list before I left.


March 6-7, 2006 — I woke up on the morning of Tuesday, March 6, knowing I had two full days to work on my Puget Sound gillnetter, the Satisfaction. This was the first time I had to work on it since the season, and the time spent on it then was mostly for emergency repairs. I would basically be living on the boat in La Conner during this time, just like many guys live on their boats when they work on them in the yards in Bristol Bay.


March 5-6, 2006 — When it is time to load the longline gear on the Discovery, it means time is running out to get things done before my fishing season begins. This year, I had too many things to do before I left: I had to help load the gear on the Discovery; I needed to deliver a load of Bristol Bay stuff to Northland Shipping in Seattle; I still had a long list of pre-season projects to do on the Satisfaction, which was in La Conner, Wash.; and I still had to get my fall net out of the yard at Fisherman's Terminal. Since time was running out I figured I would combine all these tasks into one trip off the island.


December 27, 2005 — I was up bright and early to make sure the guys at LaConner Maritime knew I was looking for a haul-out on the morning of December 27. It didn't take long, and the Satisfaction was in the slings and ready to be pressure-washed. But her hull was so clean, the guy suggested I not pressure wash it, as he would feel guilty charging me.


December 26, 2005 — I woke up in the bunk of the Satisfaction on the morning of Monday, December 26. My plan for the day was to complete a few minor boat projects, buy supplies to winterize my boat, and then run her up to LaConner where she would spend the winter hauled out on the beach. It was after 2 p.m. by the time I had left Fishermen's Terminal. The run up was really nice; I had a gentle breeze on the stern, and I had the current in my favor.


December 25, 2005 — The Satisfaction slipped into a time capsule after the 2005 Puget Sound fall chum salmon season ended. I came back and checked it a few times, but for the next six weeks everything pretty much stayed as it was at the end of the season: My rag net was piled and stretched out in the net yard, my new net from Bruno was still on the drum, the cabin looked like I had just finished an opener, and my bilge pump in the engine compartment was still on the fritz. The pump worked fine, but the brand new Rule Super-Switch didn't always turn off, so it would run the battery dry then would pump no more (just a minor problem).


November 13-17, 2005 — The end of the season was fast approaching and I still didn't have a net I was satisfied with. I kept sending out feelers for a net, and over the girls' fish-selling weekend I contacted Bruno, a longtime fisherman friend of mine from Tacoma, who agreed to sell me his old fall net.


November 9-12, 2005 — On the evening of Wednesday, November 9, as I drove home from Everett with a fully iced load of 110 freshly caught Puget Sound chum salmon, my wife, Maureen, called me with a lead on the car of her dreams. She had found a 1980 Mercedes turbo diesel wagon in Bellingham and wanted me to check it out. I called and determined the only way I could do it was to fly over to Bellingham on the commuter plane on Saturday, November 12, but this was the day I had planned on selling fish at the soccer game at the elementary school.


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