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Matt MarinkovichMatt Marinkovich’s weekly At Sea Diary entry is a popular feature of the National Fisherman Web site, and now you can post your own reflections on Matt’s experiences fishing in the Pacific Northwest and North Pacific.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 — On the day prior to departure, Saturday, October 14, I still had a way to go on my boat before I could load the net.


Friday, October 13, 2006 — Friday the 13th was the day I started hooking up all my new hydraulic toys. I had accumulated a pile of leftover hydraulic fittings and hoses over the last 15 years. The fittings were alright, but the hoses looked shot. Since there is no one on San Juan Island who can put together a hydraulic line, I just put on my old lines and hoped for the best.


October 1-15, 2006 — It seems there is always something preventing me from completing the projects on my Puget Sound gillnetter, the Satisfaction. I'm alright with that fact, because spending time with my wife and kids is what usually prevents me, and that is time better spent than working on my boat.


August, 2006 — Ever since I sold those few sockeye last year, I have had people asking me with anticipation about buying fish this year. It reached the point where I felt it was my civic duty to get out there and catch some fish to sell to the people of San Juan Island.


Late night, August 8-9, 2006 — When I brought the boat back to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Wash., I was on a tight schedule. An opening was announced for the next day, and if I wanted to make it I would have pull an all-nighter and leave with hopefully enough time to take a nap in Griffin Bay.


Early August 2006 — I swore I wasn't going to fish the Salmon Banks off of San Juan Island, Wash., this summer.

I had way too much stuff to do in my life that wasn't related to fishing, and I know that if things really need to get done shoreside, sometimes a fishery might have to be skipped altogether. My plan would enable me to get way ahead of a ton of projects I had been neglecting, but there was one aspect I did not factor into the equation: I am addicted to fishing.


June and July 2006 — I arrived Naknek on May 24, 2006. I had way more stuff than I wanted to do, with the installation of the refrigeration unit on the Claude M. Bristol and also an extensive hatch/fiberglass project on my boat as well.


June and July 2006 — For the most part the National Geographic Channel film crew wasn't a problem having aboard the boat. They did distract Crosby one time on an ebb set, and he actually wound up drifting over the line (Crosby thought). This was when, in the show, Crosby was saying "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" no less than 20 times in succession.


June and July, 2006 — Probably no one would believe me if I told them I was trying to do something like this on my own in the first place, but when the National Geographic Channel film crew showed up to film a documentary about the 2006 Bristol Bay season, I figured they came upon my order, so I tracked them down, introduced myself, and welcomed them into my world.


May and Early June, 2006 — My 2006 Bristol Bay season was a year in which I took on too much. Too much financial burden, too many projects, and too much stress.


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